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  New Century Saxophone Quartet - On Track

Jacob ter Veldhuis (b. 1951) / Heartbreakers (2004)
 1.  Part One windows media sample
 2.  Part Two windows media sample

Barbara Kolb (b. 1939)
 3.  Franciscan Chant (2005) windows media sample

David Lang (b. 1957) / Revolutionary Etudes (2006)
 4.  Etude No. 1, lyrical and hard windows media sample
 5.  Etude No. 2, with unstoppable force windows media sample
 6.  Etude No. 3, with kindness windows media sample

John Fitz Rogers (b. 1963)
 7.  Prodigal Child (2004) windows media sample

Ben Johnston (b. 1926)
 8.  O Waly Waly Variations (1999) windows media sample

New Century Saxophone Quartet is proud to release it's first recording for Alanna Records to add to it's existing discography of six previous recordings. This new release "ON TRACK" is a second volume of commissions written especially for the quartet featuring works by world renowned composers Jacob ter Veldhuis, Barbara Kolb, David Lang, John Fitz Rogers and Ben Johnston. This powerful recording features special guests that include David Cutler on piano, Jeff Grubbs on bass and Tim Adams on drums.  
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Stephen Pollock - Songs of the Heart

1. Autumn Leaves
     windows media sample
2. A Mountain Dream
     windows media sample
3. Laura
     windows media sample
4. Tanti Anni Prima
     windows media sample
5. Nature Boy
     windows media sample
 6. Lover's Lament
     windows media sample
7. Londonderry Air
     windows media sample
8. Solenne In Quest'ora
     windows media sample
9. Wildacres Morning
     windows media sample
10. Bess You Is My Woman
     windows media sample
11. Band of Brothers
     windows media sample
12. Holding All My Love For You
     windows media sample
Exceptional musicianship and innovative arrangements form the core of Stephen Pollock's second CD release Songs of the Heart .
A special appearance by The Alexander String Quartet and Vahan Sargsyan on Piano, is also featured as well as outstanding performances by special guests: Amanda Ford, James Houlik and Sean Jones. A beautiful rendition of Laura with Alanna's own Craig Davis on Piano is also featured.

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  Stephen Pollock - So Near, So Far

1. Oblivion
     windows media sample
2. Danny Boy
     windows media sample
3. Three American Songs of Love
    A Time for Love
    When I Fall in Love
    My One and Only Love
     windows media sample
4. So Near, So Far
     windows media sample
5. "O garish world, long since thou hast lost me"
     windows media sample

6. Barbara Allen
7. O Northern Star
8. Past Singing Springs
9. The Water is Wide
10. Aria
11. My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose
12. Milonga del Angel
13. Over the Rainbow

The purity of tone and the splendid articulation of a rich and flawlessly captivating tenor saxophone is a most delicious sound and an elegant musical experience.  This is a performance of a fine selection of distinctively sculptured musical arrangements written for and by the multi-talented Stephen Pollock.
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Henry Doktorski - A Ragtime Rendition of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue

1. Rhapsody in Blue
     windows media sample
2. Lady Be Good
     windows media sample
3. Love Walked In
     windows media sample
4. Funny Face
     windows media sample
5. Summertime
     windows media sample
6. Bidin' My Time
7. But Not For Me
8. Fascinatin' Rhythm
9. Bess
10. I Got Rhythm
11. 'S Wonderful  
A Ragtime Rendition of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue" offers a sparkling version of "Rhapsody" for accordian and 10 musicians. Hearing the famous "Rhapsody in Blue " on accordian is wildly different from piano on which we're used to hearing it, and Doktorski carries it off brilliantly!"
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  Philip Green - Arias and Entrechats

1. Si Mi Chiamano Mimi
     windows media sample
2. Dance Arabe
     windows media sample
3. O Du Mein Holder
     windows media sample
4. Celeste Aida
     windows media sample
5. Bess, You Is My Woman
     windows media sample
6. Sylvia

7. Un Bel de Vedremo
8. Mazurka
9. The Swan
10. Polevetsian
11. Cavatina
12. Andalouse
13. Martha
14. Hababera
15. The Dying Swan
16. The Flower Song
17. Vesti La Giubba

The splendid and varied talents of Philip green are now available in their stunning new recording. Many of the great favorites from classical Opera and Ballet are arranged into a delightful Pops Concert. Be musically transported to the world of grand opera and ballet .
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The BBC Concert Orchestra, The BBC Singers, and The Central Band of the Royal Air Force -
D-Day 50th Anniversary

1. Speedbird Saluted the Few
     windows media sample
2. RAF March Past
     windows media sample
3. O Peaceful England
     windows media sample
4. Speech: Winston Churchill
Fighter Command March
     windows media sample
5. Washing on the Siegfried Line
     windows media sample
6. Knightsbridge March
7. D-Day: The Landing
Speech: General Dwight D. Eisenhower
Speech: Franklin D. Roosevelt
8. Who's This Geezer Hitler?
We'll Meet Again
There'll Always Be England
9. Highflight
Spitfire Prelude and Fugue
10. Armed Forces Medley
11. Lie in the Dark
12. 633 Squadron
13. American Hoedown
14. Glenn Miller Medley
15. The Last Enemy/ Taps
16. Speedbird Salutes the Allied Armed Forces
A Story in Music That Tells It All! A tribute in moods and music to the Allied Armed Forces. This recording was awarded "The Music Retailer Award for Excellence" in England.
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